Sonic_Waffles (sonic_waffles) wrote,

A vector graphic of our favourite teaboy/archivist/woobie/manmuffin Ianto.
If you're so inclined, i've listed some of the technical details and that sort of thing below.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

So, this is in fact the first vector image I've ever made and a rather good likeness too I think. Of course, my perfectionist nature notices parts that aren't perfect *cough*left eye*cough* but I really wanted to show off my "baby" to those people who can truly appreciate it.

There are 102 layers on his face and hair, and another 40 or so (I lost count here) making up his clothing. That translates as about ten hours work. Insane no? (This number would probably be greatly reduced had I a graphics tablet instead of my laptop mousepad!)

So, comments? You're welcome to use him for your own graphics and whatnot, just make sure you credit me first.

Tags: fanart, ianto jones

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